Career Services

The IO-MBA Career Services aim to support and equip professionals either looking for a better position in their institution or a shift in their career with the knowledge and skills to successfully manoeuvre to their objective. To do so, the IO-MBA program as put in place a Career Services Program that works at 4 different levels throughout the year:

  1. Self-Leadership Level : Leadership skills
  2. Technical Skills Level : Job search tools and techniques
  3. Coaching and Mentoring : Personal coaching expert and alumni mentoring
  4. Networking & Job Opportunities Level : Access to job and internship opportunities as well as to our extend network

Career Services

Self-Leadership Module

This module will help you to answer to the following questions:

What’s your next consistent step after having completed your MBA?
How to impact your environment, focusing on your self-knowledge and self-confidence?

  1. This module is on one hand designed to help students to think about their career and how to make the most of their MBA. In other words, it will enable the students to take stock of their personal development so as to better manage their learning curve during after their study program. They will gain a better understanding of their own drivers and plan their future career in a positive way.
  2. On the other hand, this module will help you to better influence your environment. Managing others in the complex environment we are in requires first to manage oneself as well as to make a personal brand from our personal assets. The students will collect several insights on how they specifically behave and will learn in what they are useful for others. This will lead them to clarify their professional identity and to focalize on the strengths which make a difference.

Workshop on Career Opportunities in Geneva

Internship opportunities during your MBA & Career paths in the international development & cooperation sector

Workshops on Job Search Tools and Techniques

Several sessions are organized throughout the year for students on:

  • Application material: Exploring LinkedIn, relevant CV, and motivation letters
  • Search Strategy and Networking: Clarifying different search strategies to look for a job
  • Interviewing skills: Focusing on technical and formal aspects of job interviews
  • Personal Coaching: Individual meetings with a personal coach

IO-MBA Career Forums

Susanna Swann

As part of the IO-MBA Career Services, the monthly Career Forum features highly experienced professionals who share their knowledge and experience on careers in their respective fields.

Last career talks:

November, 2016: Bruce Jenks, Columbia University
May, 2016: Achim Von Heynitz, International consultant
April, 2016: Patricia Danzi, ICRC Director for Africa
October, 2015: Susanna Swan, MSF Deputy Director, Switzerland

Alumni Mentoring Network

The IO-MBA Alumni Network’s 300+ members are fast building a presence in international organizations as well as the private sector. Alumni are available as mentors for participants to introduce the new IO-MBA students into the organizations and companies where IO-MBA graduates work. The Alumni Network often circulates vacancies ahead of the formal recruitment process, and helps with introductions.

Access to Job Opportunities

Get access to the extend offer of jobs opportunities we receive from our partner organizations and the IO-MBA community.