Internship/Consultancy & IO-MBA Master Thesis

Internship/Consultancy/Current place of work

As part of the interaction with international and non-governmental organizations, all students are required to complete an internship/consultancy of a minimum duration equivalent to 3 months (full-time) or to take up a job or consultancy project in lieu of the internship. They can also complete their 480 hours on a part-time basis over a longer period.

United Nations GenevaAn internship/consultancy provides the opportunity to integrate classroom learning and practice in a work environment. The participant contributes to an organization’s resources while developing personal confidence and leadership as a professional.

Internship assignments engage students in a process of goal-setting, self-evaluation and critical reflection on the links between theory and practice. The internship/consultancy provides exposure, access and networking within organizations that a student may not otherwise have the opportunity to experience.

IO-MBA Master Thesis

The IO-MBA Master thesis is an individual project completed in collaboration with the host organization and connected to the student internship/consultancy. It is an empirical project that focuses on a specific topic applying (multiple) theoretical perspectives and/or conceptual frameworks to address a research question of practical relevance. The aim is that students demonstrate their ability to frame a complex problem, to conduct research independently and to apply the learnt concepts and theories in a practical setting.