City of Geneva

The smallest of big cities
Geneva’s high standards and quality of life are legendary, and build on its exceptional security (low crime rate, traffic security awareness), a dense network of social and cultural resources, the large percentage of green areas.  As a result, Geneva constantly ranks at the top of various international comparisons.

Sportsmen will love Geneva, especially golf players who have the choice between 26 greens in the Geneva region. There are a lot of possibilities for excursions in the surrounding countryside, the Swiss Alps, to France and even to Italy.

General Information
Situated between the Alps and the Jura Mountains in the westernmost part of Switzerland, Geneva is at the cross-roads of Western Europe. Geneva thus holds a privileged geographical position: major European cities such as Paris, Milan, London, Berlin, Rome or Madrid are only a short drive or flight away.

The Canton with its 282 square km, with the lake and the river Rhone, presents a marvellous surrounding to its visitors who can enjoy the alpine mountains in the background of the environing green countryside.

The town and the canton of Geneva have a population of 180’000 and 400’000 inhabitants respectively.  The official language is French, but most people in Geneva also speak English.

Geneva has a very nice temperate climate, with average temperatures of 10 Celsius in the winter and 23 in the summer. Its altitude is 375 m above the sea level.  It lies in the time zone of Central Europe (Greenwich GMT. + 1) and applies Summer Time (+ 1 hour, from the last week-end of March till the last week-end of October).

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